How To Get Rid Of Weeds In Your Yard Cheaply

How To Get Rid Of Weeds In Your Yard Cheaply

Most people are going to tell you that this is the absolute worst way to get rid of weeds in your yard. But let me preface all of this by saying I do it this way because I enjoy it, it’s extremely cheap, there are little to NO chemicals involved (which is important as I […]

Yard Work More With Rocks

Remember the update I did to my backyard? Well if not, look and read here: Doing Some Work In The Yard. And here are the most recent updates I’ve done. I decided to line the pool and cement area with the really pretty and good size rocks we had. I dug a bit of a […]


Sometimes it’s the simplicity in life that makes it so beautiful. For my birthday my sister surprised me by coming over with a delish cake, beautiful roses and herself. My mom came over too. The kids spent the day in the pool. My mom pulled weeds because she is awesome like that. My sister pulled […]