My Job

Yes I do have a job besides sitting in front of this blog. I haven’t talked about it much as I thought I would use the blog for my job to talk about it. But the busier I got with this blog, the less that blog got attention. Now I’m in the process of taking […]

Arizona Schools

I had told myself that I was never going to get political on my blog. There is that old adage, ‘…like assholes and everyone has them’, I like to use that with thoughts on politics and most controversial topics. Everyone has their differing opinion. Whether it be politics, religion, lifestyle etc. Nobody is wrong. Nobody […]

Like Closing Chrysler

No I’m not shutting my doors like a thousand of GM dealers have the unfortunate task of doing. Nor am I filing bankruptcy. Though I probably should. Or maybe I should just hide out for seven years, to return when my credit looks better. Does that even work? I am going to have to go […]


They same home is where the heart is. True that. True that. I could basically and have lived anywhere with Brent and the kids and be happy. No doubt about that. Happiness lies within our family. Of course there is always outside factors that A.) Sweeten the deal or B.) Make it worse. I love […]

After move blues

Now that we are settled and the boxes, bag etc are unpacked. I am almost at a loss as to what to do next. Another bad part to moving 5 bagillion times, or more, or less. You get so excited for the move, as I was. I was ready to find nooks, crannies, cabinet and […]