Arizona Budget #FAIL

This morning I got up, was helping the kids get ready for school and sat down with my trusty cup of coffee and turned on the news. And surprise surprise what was it about — Statewide Teacher Layoffs RESUME. Oh yes, more layoffs for you got it…our children educators. I wrote a little bit about […]

Children’s Museum in Tucson, Arizona

When I was my oldest daughters age I went to a hands on museum catered to kids’ and my favorite part was the grocery store exhibit. You could play cashier, pick out all the fruits and vegetables, throw in in the basket and “check out”. It was a lot of fun and at that age […]

Desert Botanical Garden – Phoenix, Arizona

Want something to do with the kids? Check out Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona: This is Spring Break for me and the kids. A long Spring Break at that. Two weeks. So the kids and I decided to hit the road, see the sights and make a journal of sorts of the best places […]

Over Easy Restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona

This summer when I was on the local news at the wee hours of the morning I was able to meet a wonderful lady, Milissa. As my friend and I were chatting it up with her (helping me to get over my nerves), we discussed eating breakfast after the segments. We ended up wanting to […]

Fun Indoor in Mesa, Arizona

When Brent comes home we are always on the lookout for things to do with the kids. Something new that we haven’t done before and that is exciting for us all. Whether it be from going to ride barks at a park, swimming in a river or going to an amusement park – we want […]

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Brent woke up with a wild hair up his arse. “Let’s go to the Grand Canyon”. Just like that, we packed, we piled into the truck and we went. The high was 63 degrees. Cooling to a 31 +/- at night. We paid $25 for a 7 day pass. We obviously didn’t stay all 7 […]

Mow The Grass – HOA Hell Volume 1

That’s something I hate to do. I hate mowing the grass. Funny that now in Arizona, I have the tiniest of yards and I complain about mowing the grass. It’s not the heat. I’ve learned that you should mow the grass very early in the morning or when the sun goes down at night. In […]

Arizona Diamondbacks Vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

It’s my Dayton Chase standing in the middle of three bats and the Chase Field sign. It’s all yours buddy. Superb seating. Superb view. Superb game. I like the word Superb. Nothing is better than a baseball game. You all should know my love for it by now. EventChaser sent me and my son to […]

Refreshed By Mountains

This weekend, I got to do something I haven’t in the past six months. Due to the constraint of Brent not working and limited income, we’ve been living so extremely frugally that we did everything near home or not at all. Which isn’t bad at all. We needed a refresher or a reminder course on […]

Dane Cook – Act II

As I was driving to my other job (it’s a job I had to take thanks to the state of the economy) I realized I NEVER finished my Dane Cook story. How in the world did I do that to y’all? I left y’all hanging. I am wrong. And sorry. And apparently busy (again thanks […]