Planes of Fame in Valle, Arizona

Planes of Fame in Valle, Arizona

A few months back Brent and I decided to make a quick trip to the Grand Canyon. The kids had never been and Brent had never been. We drove up one day and hung about for a bit, got up the next morning and did a few things and then headed back on home. One […]

Local Breeze – Phoenix, AZ

My friend and I went out the other night and I wanted to hit up downtown Phoenix. I hadn’t been to downtown to just hang out and enjoy the surroundings of it. Anytime I was down there was for games or something else. She decided to take me to a Patio Cafe – Local Breeze. […]

We Moved

I bet all of you just went, huh and what the… at the same time. Right?! Well I was reading this article about Milwaukee’s County Board of Supervisors holding a debate on whether to boycott Arizona. Well supervisor Peggy West made a fumble pass with saying “If this was Texas, which is a state that […]

Spot the turtle in the sky

The other day we were running errands and on our way back home Brodie was checking out the clouds. She hollered….hey look at that turtle in the sky! Being the trusty blogger that I am I took pictures. We all saw the turtle. Can you? Here’s another picture maybe you can see it in this […]

What Summer Looks Like In Arizona

It’s hot. Very hot. That is why summer’s in Arizona look like this:

Bugs In My Yard – Invasion

These bugs are invading my yard. They are even multiplying. Not kidding there either. The kids don’t understand why they are making babies with their butts. Dayton want’s to kill them while they are making babies. (Should I be worried?) WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE?????

My Yard Progress

My Yard Progress

So about 4 weeks ago Brent told me I had to keep “his” yard green. And alive.¬† I hate that. I’m a yard killer. Capital M – Murderer. I can keep flowers alive, some day I’ll show you pictures of flowers I have babied, but grass…why can’t it water itself? First of all – watering […]

A Day For Adventures

Now that summer is nearing and summer classes for me are looming, I am trying my hardest to stay OUT of the house. Tristan and I walking to the pool, doing yard work etc. Today my friend who has had back surgery done needed to go to her doctor for whatever reason. I told her, […]

Tristan And I Went Walking

Well we go walking everyday. We walk¬† down to the community pool, swim for a couple hours and then walk home. I get my sun, my exercise and my way to tire out my four year old. Well on the way home Tristan wanted me to take pictures with my camera of all the pretty […]

Famous Dave’s BBQ

Today Brent and I decided to get outside for a bit and enjoy the weather. I have been in the house with horrible mouth pain and spent far too much time at the dentist this past week – so outside was just the cure. We ended up being window shoppers, which I will post about […]