How To Begin Saving Money As A Family In Arizona

Are you looking for ways to begin saving money as family while living in Arizona? Well let me help you. It doesn’t matter if you have a large or small family. And I am not an expert, I am just a mother of 4, leading a family of 6. I just graduated from school and […]

Glimpse into our summer

I’ve been super busy. VERY busy. The kids go back to school in 11 days and no..yes I am counting. I am set to start blogging more but less here and more at my new site which I will update y’all with soon. But I wanted to pop in and give you a glimpse of […]

Inside The Fire

If you haven’t heard about the Wallow Fire in North Eastern Arizona recently, then you may not exactly like the news or don’t have ties to the state. I do. I have my southern roots not born into me, but grown into by spending a decade in Texas from the age of 17 on. But […]


Sometimes it’s the simplicity in life that makes it so beautiful. For my birthday my sister surprised me by coming over with a delish cake, beautiful roses and herself. My mom came over too. The kids spent the day in the pool. My mom pulled weeds because she is awesome like that. My sister pulled […]

The Tree of Death

The Tree of Death

Read about this tree (or tree of death) and of course check out all the yard work I have and will be doing! So as you know I’ve been doing some yard work? Well as I was tearing down the make shift crappy dog pen so it can be hauled off I noticed that the […]

Doing Some Work In The Yard

I love my backyard. It’s fairly big compared to some of the other yards we have had out here. It needs a lot of help though. Fortunately the pool doesn’t take up the entire yard but the weeds seem to be at the moment. Which eventually I am going to get to pulling them, but […]

Dear Brent

I just wanted to write you a quick little note to give you something to look forward to. I mean I know you are looking forward to seeing us, not working, watching news, playing with the kids and of course sleeping in your bed. But see, you really do need just one more thing to […]

Spring in Arizona

Spring time in Arizona has officially started. It has been for awhile, with temps sitting in the 70’s and 80’s. Yesterday we got a nice rain and today is beautiful as ever. With spring hitting here in the valley of the sun, I wanted to just point out some of my favorite things. Spring in […]

Canyon Lake Arizona

11 years Brent and I have been together and the one thing we have NOT done is camp together. I know. Gasp! When I was a kid my Mom took us camping everywhere. We would go all the way to Minnesota or just camp around the state of Arizona. I wanted to do this with […]

Flinstones Bedrock City in Valle, Arizona

Flinstones Bedrock City in Valle, Arizona

At the beginning of this year when we up and decided to go on our quick trip to the Grand Canyon one of the other places we stopped during the day was Bedrock City Arizona, located in Valle, Arizona right outside of the Grand Canyon. We stopped and ate a great lunch inside the gift […]