How To Move To Alaska (Purging)

This is my first post in my guide on: How To Move To Alaska. I will be either writing more posts as I go along or I’ll turn into a static page for those interested in the entire process. But first things first… Obviously I advise you have money, time and HOUSE in place. But […]

Short Winter Days?

You would think that with the minutes of daylight we are losing heading into Winter here in Alaska that the days would be short. You always hear all about those short winter days in the great white north.  Yet to tell you the truth…I can’t decipher if the days are short, flying by or going […]

Settled In Monday

Settled In Monday

It’s Monday…the 21st and 10 days after arriving in Alaska…we are officially settled. Settled in on Monday morning. Last week the two youngest kids were able to enroll and get off to school quite easily and rather quickly. But Brodie on the other hand, hung out with me all week until we could get her […]

A normal weekend

This is the first “normal” weekend we have had here in Alaska since the start of our Great Adventure.  I use normal so obviously loosely. What is normal when you just moved your family of 5 across the country to a place so dramatically different from what they are somewhat used to. I take that […]

The Great Adventure

The Great Adventure

It was a fairly beautiful late spring day in Arizona and I was in a horrendous mood. A mood that had thus far seemed to match my year. Frustrating. Full of anxiety. Annoyed. Confused. Needing…I was needing something I couldn’t pinpoint.   So I hopped in my car with kids in tow and drove. I […]

Alaska’s Lakeshore Motor Inn

For the past six years my husband has been traveling back and forth to Anchorage (and farther for work in Alaska). When he reaches Anchorage he has to stay the night in a hotel before he boards another plane the next day. We were introduced to Lakeshore Motor Inn by his family and he has […]

Dear Brent

I just wanted to write you a quick little note to give you something to look forward to. I mean I know you are looking forward to seeing us, not working, watching news, playing with the kids and of course sleeping in your bed. But see, you really do need just one more thing to […]

Working in Alaska

The thing about Brent working in Alaska is it’s actually pretty expensive for him to do. Well not super expensive, but there are expenses. He doesn’t pay for room, food etc while he is up there – but he does have to pay for things like, industrial products,which is all his gear (Artic Gear, boots […]

Wordful Wednesday #2

I posted this picture awhile back ago, of Brent. But I think Brent needs some attention via the blog. He will find that to be very humorous. This is of Sir Brently at work in Alaska. That beautiful, if you ask Brent to describe it, (I call it a bunch of metal, but I’m a […]

Alaska…and Brent

It was April of 2005. I was huge pregnant. 8 months. With Tristan. Brent and I were leaving in a medium size town away from any family. His family was 4-5 hours from us. Mine were in another state. We were spinning our wheels and surviving. Our bills hardly got paid. We had food and […]