Acne Treatment Tip

I told y’all that I was going to post about acne treatments as much as possible and as soon I learn about them. The other day at school our zone (class) was able to go into the retail lounge of our school and shop for products. We were also able to ask a million question […]

skiniD Evaluation – Acne Solution

As you all very well may know by now, I suffer from acne. And have for quite some time. I have tried so many products known to man that I have a lifetime worth of knowledge to help other acne sufferers out. But believe it or not, there are other acne solution products out there […]

Unique Acne Treatment

If you haven’t caught on to a good deal of my skin care information revolving around acne, I highly suggest you take a look around. Especially those who suffer from acne. I have spent a great deal of time investing in my skin due to acne and learning all that causes it, helps heal it […]

How Does Acne Medicine Work?

For those of us who have battled, are still battling or may have daughter who will battle acne there is one question that may be on our minds: How does this medicine work? We are wondering how a specific ingredient is going to effect our skin? With names that are often hard to pronounce how […]

8 Skin Care Products For Clear Skin

I have talked extensively about skin care here at SB and I really want to keep you informed of all the products out there on the market that I have personally tried. I would have to say most of the skin care products I have tried are geared towards acne. And not just severe acne, […]

Does Proactiv Really Work

If you have been following along with any of my posts you have taken notice to one truth I do not hide. I have battled acne all my life. I have done everything known to man to treat acne. I have tried herbals, gone to dermatologists, spoke with midwives and OB/GYN’s. I have used name […]

How To Get Your Face Really Clean

Have you ever washed your face and then when you went to do your toner noticed that the cotton ball was pulling off makeup and dirt still? Or when you wake up the next morning you have mascara still smeared all over? It’s one thing to see dirt but entire other thing when you are […]

Overnight Acne Treatment

Do you have a big presentation at school or work tomorrow? Or perhaps it’s the first day of school, a dance or a first date? Whatever it is, did you have a few troublesome acne spots that you need cleared up pronto or at least get them less visible so that applying concealer helps?  Well […]

Best Makeup For Acne Prone Skin

If you are wondering what are the best makeup products out there for those of us with acne prone skin, you’ve come to the right place. Remember though that you need to first assess your skin type (oily, combination, dry, sensitive) before making a purchase of any makeup products, but you will see that most […]

Best Products For Treating Acne

I have used so many products when it has come to my battle with acne. Many. I’ve tried over the counter, I’ve tried prescriptions, herbals and even medicines (i.e. birth control). With that in mind I’m here to offer what I have seen be the very best products when it comes to acne. There are […]