Go Swim With Disney Princesses

Summer is finally starting to wrap up here in Arizona. Finally. Though we still are having 100+ degree temps during the day, night time weather is finally reaching around the 70 to 80’s. Which means we must bid farewell to the magic of our swimming pool. The kids did it graciously and with the help of Disney’s Princess Swimming Ariel and Disney’s Princess Ariel and her sisters.

Thankfully Tristan is still into girly things and princesses. I know we are not too far off from saying goodbye to Disney, Ponies and all things very girly. Brodie’s time with those things seemed so short lived now that she is entirely into fashion and beauty.

Either way. Tristan got to take one of her very favorite princesses (and her sisters) out to the pool for a swim. Meet Swimming Ariel:

princess swimming ariel


Water play is a splash away with the Disney Princess Swimming Ariel! Turn the seashell at Ariel’s waist and then place her into the water to see her really swim. Watch as her tail moves up and down to swim through the water just like in The Little Mermaid.

Ariel actually swims. And yes she swims in the water. Not deep. Just because she’s a mermaid doesn’t mean she needs to go into the deep end. It’s far too scary for the likes of Tristan and Ariel. And I’ll have to be quite honest, I think she does best in the bath.

A little info about Ariel from Mattel:

The story of The Little Mermaid continues to touch hearts, years after its debut! And the story comes alive when you bring this beautiful Ariel doll into the water with you. She even swims by moving her tail up and down!

  • Turn the shell on her waist to make her tail move
  • Relive all your favorite movie moments, or make up new ones
  • Beautiful flowing hair and necklace, too
  • Includes one Ariel doll

Now I want you to meet the smaller version of Ariel. It’s Disney’s Princess Ariel & Sisters:

princess ariel and sisters

For the first time in Mattel’s Disney Princess line, girls can play out their mermaid adventures with Ariel and her two sisters, Alana and Arista! All three dolls have magical tops that change color when dipped in water and playful swivel hips that mimic mermaid-like movements.

These three beauties went swimming in the pool but they are best when they get to go for a dip into the arctic seas. I know, mermaids are interesting! So you want to know more about them?

Meet Alana and Arista, Ariel’s two sisters! These princesses are ready to join you in the tub for splash-tastic fun and games, and they’ve got a surprise! Bathtime gets amazing with color changing tops!

  • Mermaids’ tops change color when dipped in icy cold water
  • Ariel’s sisters join her adventures for the first time!
  • Dolls hips simulate mermaid swimming movement
  • Includes three mermaid dolls

Well I knew you wouldn’t just believe words. So watch this video about Ariel and her sisters as well as Tristan’s thoughts on these dolls!

Go enjoy the last few bits of summer with Disney Princesses! Otherwise go pick these up as they will make the PERFECT Christmas gift. {Disney Princess Ariel & Sisters Doll Set $10.99 & Disney Princess Swimming Ariel $17.99