Sweaters For Fall

I would like to say that it is that beautiful fall weather we are dying for here in Arizona but it’s not. It’s still triple digit heat and fall still seems so far away. I miss seasons. Ha!

One of the best things about fall besides the aromas, the leaves changing, the cooler weather and the food is the clothes. You get to bundle up in those beautiful sweaters again. You also get to pull out the jackets, the boots, the mittens and all those cute clothes that you can only wear during the cooler times of the year. Yes in Arizona we do get cool times of the year – even if they only last for a week!

So I thought I would highlight some great pieces for fall here!


Ralph Lauren

I feel like this is a versatile piece to use during the fall. Weather with your favorite jeans and boots or with a nice pair of pants – it would look fab and keep you warm.

sweater coat

Ralph Lauren

This sweater coat just screams warm, mug of hot chocolate, fire and going to a pumpkin patch to me.


Ralph Lauren

This cardigan is very versatile too. Whether needing to wear something nicer for work or just hitting the town to shop and needing a warmer piece.

And last but not least my favorite fall “sweater”

yankees hoodieA hoodie but in particular the Yankees Hoodie. I’d live in a cold area if I could wear this everyday.

What are some of your favorite pieces?


  1. My favorite fall item is my long fleece jacket. It has a hood and comes down to mid-thigh. It’s very warm and snuggly, but is getting worn out.