Summer Makeup Tips

I by no means am an expert in the application of makeup or makeup in general, but I wanted to share my summer makeup tips. Keep in mind also that I spend a great deal of time outdoors and working so I keep things very simple and easy during the summer months when it comes to makeup. Of course I do try to play up my hair and makeup on a night out, but for those every day errand running (being in public) tasks, I go simple.

Being that it is summer also, I am quite tan. I realize there are negative consequences to this and often times people who tan end up looking a bit leather skinned. The thing about the summer months for me though (or even the warmer months) is it is the most natural way for my skin to keep clear. My skin soaks up the Vitamin D from the outdoors and I truly do have clear(er) skin. It’s awesome. So of course I also play into that, being able to let my natural beauty seep through and enhance it with touches of makeup.

makeupSo what I do is start with any blemishes or uneven tones on my face. I use a very mild and light concealer or base for those areas. I then add a mineral powder that is labeled “shimmer” powder and dust lightly around my hair lines and usually lightly around the corners of my eyes. Next I pick out two eye shadow colors. I go for a paler white to cream color that I use to follow along my eyebrows. Again, all of this is applied very lightly. The second color of eye shadow is closer to my skin tone, whether it be a pink, red or brown tone, but still a very neutral and airy color. I apply that color to the crease of my eyelids only. The finishing touches of makeup are mascara on my top eyelashes only and a very soft blush along my cheekbones. Of course I can’t leave out the lip gloss. I love lip gloss and I try to go with a clear lip gloss to just make my lips stand out or a light pink lip gloss.

A few extra tips for summer when it comes to any makeup style:

1. Add moisturizer prior to putting on any makeup. Summer tends to dry my skin out completely.
2. When picking shades for a natural look, try to not be bold or sparkly and match it with your skin tones, eye color and hair color.
3. Try to find a lip gloss that is also a moisturizer. Again, summer = dry. I recommend, Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm.


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