Start School With Unique Style

If you don’t already know by now, I should fill you in, I am in College. I haven’t fully declared my major and my ultimate goal is Medical School. Along the path of life, discovery and knowledge there are times I second guess my ultimate goal but I believe all the other things that are sidetracking me are purely hobbies. Becoming a doctor is my main and ultimate goal. The other stuff is merely fulfilling the things that make me happy and educating myself fully on those things.

School is set to start soon for most and the best part is back to school shopping. Even as adults we love back to school shopping, OK, scratch that, we just love shopping. And while gadgets, gizmos and whatchamacalits are enjoyable and entertaining to purchase; it’s often the little things we are swooning over all semester long. So here are some unique products to start your school year off in style.

beethoven sonata journal

Beethoven Sonata Journal(etsy) For all your note taking or doodling needs.

screen printed messenger bag

Screen printed Jute Messenger BagWhy should kids have all the fun with bags?

hand stamped silver bracelet

Hand Stamped Silver BraceletKeep yourself inspired all semester long.

sharpie highlighter

sharpie pen

No school year is ever complete without Sharpie’s.