Spring has sprung and someone needs to spring me.

Yes, I just typed that sentence of nonsense.

But every year I must be high, because there is no other explanation, I look forward to Spring Break and Brodie being out of school. Honestly, maybe it’s from the getting up early, dragging myself into the kitchen, making that coffee and breakfast and praying for the day to end so I can sleep routine. Or not. I don’t know. This year is much, much different. Brodie gets 2, yes I said 2, whole freakin’ weeks off for Spring Break. The ladies in the office at her school had to tell me, “Yes, Mrs. Greer that is 2 weeks off and we are looking forward to it here at the school.” Yeah well office lady, your kids must be grown.

2 weeks.

How in the hellanation (I made that word up) do I entertain my kids for 2 weeks?!?!?! Going to the park is only so much fun. Swimming is only so much fun. Going to grandparents house is only so much fun. Locking them in the garage is only so much fun for me.

So tell me dear bloggy friends, what would you do for entertainment (on the cheap) for 2 weeks for your kids for Spring Break?

Because I need all the help I can get or you will have to spring me from this joint, like a prison break, with the quickness, in the quickness!


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  1. The Retired One says:

    I say…trick them into working for you. Going to have a rummage sale? Have them gather things together and put prices on them for you (call it a Treasure Hunt)…
    Gotta do spring cleaning? Give them rags, green cleaning products and a big basket to gather things into…write one item on a piece of paper and put it in a sealed envelope before hand)..tell them at the end of this ummmm…”game”..you’ll open the envelope and the person who found the mystery item gets to pick a movie to rent (again, a game of Treasure Hunt)……
    it isn’t child abuse, is it??????

  2. Mrs. Fish: aka Two Fish says:

    We can build a velcro wall and let them jump onto it…then leave them there for a few hours? That would be worlds of entertainment. Would you like some company today? We can all go somewhere if you want? BTW, the drive in is like $5 per adult and kids are free!!! Let me know and we can do that, otherwise I think Kiwanis park is doing free movies in the park again this year. Love ju!

  3. The Hudson Family says:

    You could totally come up here! I know you’d have to spend money on gas but that’s just about all. We’d provide meals and a living space. We made Cade’s room a play room so there’s enough room in there to put a mattress or two for you all to sleep on. I know its a drive but we’d love to have you guys for a couple of days. Let me know if you’re interested! Love you!

  4. Ramblings by Brandi says:

    I love your blog design its so cute!! Wow two weeks did we get two weeks when we were in school idt we did. Your doggies are cute I miss mine dearly. You could always come up here and see me!! I would love to have a starbucks date with you. Yeah I know are starbucks is in safeway but hell its just coffee lol. Love and miss you tons!!!