Spring sprung then turned Brodie into a Mess

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I think Brodie was in Kindergarten, or maybe it was First grade, that we noticed a serious issue with her. I actually blogged about it, but again the time frame slips my mind. It started about February and I brushed her change in behavior and complaints of not feeling well as not wanting to go to school. She was constantly going to the nurse and complaining and I was constantly telling the nurse to send her back to class. She had to be dying, bleeding or broken to come home. True story. Still is. Her teacher finally made a comment to me about her inability to pay attention in class. It kind of struck a nerve with me as I was pretty darn positive this child was not suffering from anything attention deficit related. Brodie wouldn’t quit though with her feeling sick, from her throat to her ears. So off I took her to the doctor’s office. Which that particular doctor ended up referring me to an ENT. And we got told that she really wasn’t feeling well, she had seasonal (mainly Spring) allergies. We got her medicine and the difference in a week was astounding. She was back to her normal self and the biggest tell was the black circles that used to adorn her beautiful face – were gone.


Then we moved out here to Arizona and got our insurance reinstated again. All three of the kids were due for check ups, but poor Brodie was back to complaining about her throat etc. I was going to just contact the ENT here, but decided it was to go ahead and have the pediatrician take a look. Turned out Brodie needs to take medicine from February onto June because of her allergies. Of course poor baby, ended up also having strep throat. But it truly is amazing the difference in her behavior, her sleep pattern, etc when she takes her medicine for her allergies during Spring. And it’s only Spring that she has them. While it really isn’t a big deal her having them, she has to take one pill a day during these months, but it’s my mindlessness that does make it a big deal. I all but forget she has them until her complaints drive me insane.

Oddly enough she is the only one that suffers. I do get a little sneezy if it is super windy and Brent gets sneezy when he mows the grass without a mask. Otherwise though, none of us have them. I do have allergies, but they are not Spring (seasonal) related. They are to certain things, (soaps, alcohol, etc). I’ll have to admit though, I am always glad when the worries of allergy months pass us by. Of course, she is too. But beside her medicine that she takes we do go a few extra steps so she gets relief:

  1. Pediatric Nasal Rinses (nasty tasting for her, but she does sleep better)
  2. Hot compresses at night over her sinus area.
  3. Lots of hydration, herbal teas and juice.
  4. Hot showers are great for steam and loosening stuff up.

Anything you have found to work?

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