Spring in Arizona

Spring time in Arizona has officially started. It has been for awhile, with temps sitting in the 70’s and 80’s. Yesterday we got a nice rain and today is beautiful as ever. With spring hitting here in the valley of the sun, I wanted to just point out some of my favorite things. Spring in Arizona is a beautiful time, spring in general is and there are just some things you can’t miss.



Orange Blossoms in Arizona. Mmm. They are such a rich and beautiful smell. Yeah I even tweeted about my stealing of them from my grandparents yard. I did come home to see my small trees in my back yard had a lot of them. I’m waiting a few days for them to bloom even more after the rain. Then I can cut them and put them all over my house.


In about one month, which one month from today is my birthday, it will be pretty much swimming season here. YES! That not only make me happy, but makes my children happy.


arizona outdoors

This is a park in Arizona. Spring in Arizona means the kids will be playing not at the park but outdoors in general more. Hip, Hip, Hooray!


canyon lake az

Spring in Arizona also means that it’s getting closer to summer. Which means more time to head to the lake, Canyon Lake even, and have a TONĀ  of fun!


Spring is one of my favorite seasons no matter where I live. Everything is blooming, the weather is perfect. It’s just amazing. Really. But living in Arizona, spring brings a lot to look forward too.

What is your favorite season? Why?


  1. Cold here in Buckeye today after the rain!..

    My oldest daughters birthday is 1 month from today also.

    I am excited for the warm days! I love 100 degrees!

    • I used to not be the biggest fan of 100 degrees, but with access to a pool – I can’t complain anymore and it’s a better option over the cold! That is so awesome that your oldest daughter and I share a birthday! Yay us!

  2. I am soooo happy that it is finally spring! Bring on the Blue Bonnets!!!

    • Ugh!! I miss Blue Bonnets!!! Take pictures for me!!! OH speaking of…bout to facebook you, I want some of your pics to decorate my house LOL!