Sneak Peek At My Christmas List

My Christmas list this year isn’t going to be as long as one might thing. Of course I want all things hair, makeup and beauty related. But with what I gain at school and already have – well I have to be a bit more logical.

This year has been a good year for me when it comes to weight loss.  Throw that in with the fact that I am in school and my Christmas list is composed of only one main theme. Clothes. Or well fashion. I need shoes. I need accessories and I so badly need cute clothes. And again, accessories.

So what are some things that are topping my list?

Well I decided to take on a search for cabbie clothes. A way to add hip, big city style flair to my closet.

plaid cabbie hat

A fabulous plaid hat. Must have.

crochet cabbie

A to die for crochet cabbie hat. Must have now.

plum tote

I need this tote instead of my back pack. Yes please. And thank you.

Next I decided that logic should be added to my Christmas list choices. So I searched out shoes with bungee laces. I need cute, comfortable slip on shoes for all occasions. From school to working out. What did I find?

cute boots

Pink and brown boots. With fur. Making my heart happy.

comfy shoes skechers

Cute comfy slipons. Good for school or working out. See. Logical.

I’m not entirely crazy. So I have to add some mid calf length dresses to my list. I can’t go all short and “that’s hot” at school. So a classy and stylish dress with length will make my list. For instance:

mid calf dress

This black mid calf dress. Yum.

Believe my beauties, this isn’t my full list. Just a sneak peek. What is on your list this year?


  1. I don’t have much on my list this year! Adam and I decided we’d do stockings for each other and then we would buy a joint gift of a heated mattress pad since my joints have been super sore lately. I kinda miss Christmases of my childhood where I wasn’t an adult! 😉 Although, seeing it through my children’s eyes is oh so rewarding!