skiniD Evaluation – Acne Solution

As you all very well may know by now, I suffer from acne. And have for quite some time. I have tried so many products known to man that I have a lifetime worth of knowledge to help other acne sufferers out. But believe it or not, there are other acne solution products out there that I have not tried.

I recently heard of skiniD from Neutrogena and I thought I would walk y’all through this product and give you a introduction to it.

Now I do want you to notice that it is saying that is $19.95 a month. I believe other like products range price wise, a bit higher than this. So that is a plus for this product. A quick research as to what ingredients are in these products, shows that they are your typical acne ingredients. (Benzoyl Peroxide & Salicylic Acid) So I consider that to be a pro and a con. Because you can walk into most grocery stores or even Walgreens and get a product with those ingredients easier.

One of the statements a lot of these acne solution products will tell you , is it’s about the personalization. Helping you evaluate your skin and what is needed for it. skiniD is the same, so I thought I would check out the evaluation process and show you how it works out.

The entire process consists of 20 questions and image tabs it will guide you through. Beginning with asking your name, age and gender. Only first name though.

It then guides you through asking about skin type, tone, texture and acne type.

It also asks questions specific to your breakouts, if you touch your face and/or pick at your face.

Finally it will get to what products have you used or are you using including brand names, as well as cosmetic types.

The final steps goes into questions about your lifestyle.

After you finish answering all the questions you sit and wait for your “kit to be built”.

Here is mine:

acne kit

click for larger image


I decided to find out about each product and why they were chosen for me.#14 – Cleanser has a Salicylic Acid as the main ingredient. In my experience, the Benzoyl Peroxide main ingredient has proven to help me more often. #32 – Anti Acne Treatment has the Benzoyl Peroxide. Typical and a plus. The #72 – Hydrator also has the Salicylic Acid. Again, not the fondest of this and it has not proven to be the best results.

As you see in the image it has a clip board to click to find out why this regimen was chosen for me. It gives me a very blanket type of answer and not to explanatory. So would I recommend it? I say I recommend trying it. You should always try products out, because it very well might work for you. There is no magic cure for acne unfortunately, so educating yourself on various products and working with them — can’t hurt.


skiniD® is a personalized acne treatment that has been proven effective for almost all users. Use Coupon Code: Neutrogena10 to save $10.00 off your intro regimen. Start by taking the FREE evaluation and get your first month™s kit + 3 Bonus gifts ( $40 value) for $9.95 (plus S&H). Click Here

And tell me if you’ve used skiniD what you think of the products!


  1. It’s so hard to find a product that works. They can only personalize these products so much, but we’re all different, hormones, what we eat, environment, etc. I think any product that’s reasonable in price is worth a try because that could be the one that works for you. The trial and error part is just what sucks.