Should I Be Worried

I don’t know if I should be worried or do what I am doing and laughing hysterically.

robot baby


  1. Poor dolly… LOL

  2. Lauralee Hensley says:

    Mini Poem: Robot Sitter
    Robot Sitter is the new way
    to protect your children while you’re away.
    No one dares mess with your children when they’re at play,
    because a swift kick from Robot Sitter blasts them flying into the bay.
    Robot Sitter will get your kids to eat their vegetables in a way that’s okay,
    by simply opening their mouths with a non-lethal power ray.
    You want your kids to clean their rooms today,
    well Robot Sitter can make them get it done and without you having to watch and stay.
    After the initial investment in buying Robot Sitter that you have to pay,
    there’ll be no more sitter fees except for a Robot Sitter tune up in each month of May.
    This is better than Calgon taking you away,
    come Robot Sitter and make my day.