Short Winter Days?

You would think that with the minutes of daylight we are losing heading into Winter here in Alaska that the days would be short. You always hear all about those short winter days in the great white north.  Yet to tell you the truth…I can’t decipher if the days are short, flying by or going slowly.

Everyday is a constant blur and I realize that we basically just moved here (15 days officially) but today has been our only “slow” day & that was merely forceful. I wanted a day to kinda hang out, relax…take a breath?

Yes the sun doesn’t rise until about 9 am and sets usually 6 pm (ish). So we don’t have a lot of sun in the day, that’s true. And if it’s cloudy at any point the sun seems to hide out. BUT…you immediately adjust.

I am the slowest morning person. It takes me forever to get up and get motivated. In Arizona the sun seemed likely to never set, yet I couldn’t get up in the mornings and functional till around 11 am.  Here, I am up at about 6, get Brodie up and ready — then by the time Dayton & Tristan are ready to get to the bus stop it’s 8:40. At 9 am when the sun is rising, I am functional and ready to tackle the day. It’s quite perfect really.

Either way…yes the winter days are proving I suppose (in actuality) to be quite short. We haven’t been bothered so far!