Shoe Envy

There is one thing you must know about me, I have tiny feet. And not tiny feet in the sense that I can wear a six in woman’s. I have tiny feet as I wear a size four in kids. I could pull off a size six in woman’s only because I have a little bit of wideness to my feet and an extremely high arch. A friend’s mom once told me I needed to be in ballet because of the form of my feet and the arch.

While all of that may sound very unimportant and not nearly earth shattering, my friend’s I am here to tell you just how frustrating it can be. I am not really a heels and frill kind of girl but often times the right style of heels and the perfect dress can make your day. And if done right you can pull it off for any occasion. Unfortunately I can’t EVER pull it off. They really don’t make fun heels or stylish shoes for kids. I am obsessed with flip flops and the casual blue jeans look but I am a girl, I want to dress up and look pretty too!

So what is giving me such shoe envy recently, well let me show you:

black pumps

These black satin pumps from Pinup Girl Clothing are to die for. I have a black dress that mimics a wrap around the waist with an embellished belt that would go fabulous with these. If only they would fit my feet.

brown retro pumps

These brown retro pumps from Baby Girl Boutique are marvelous. I have a green and brown dress that it would go with amazingly. Even if I didn’t have the dress I would love to wear these.

retro slingback

I am such a fan of the retro styled slingbacks. And of course wildly crazy about peep toes. I love my toes just not other’s. These particular shoes give me the most shoe envy allowable to a girl.

platform pump

Last but not least are these pretties. These platform pumps are nothing to scream and shout about but they are subtly pretty. Magnificent really. What I would give to wear these around just for one day.

What shoes give you shoe envy?