Shampoo and Conditioner Options

I once talked about the best shampoo (and conditioners) that are affordable and of good quality. Walking into a store, like say Walmart, you realize your options are endless. And the average person who doesn’t attend school for cosmetology, really isn’t going to understand why you should use X product instead of Y product. Right? I know I was once that person.

So if you walk into the store today and have you money ready and armed with this one question:

What is the best shampoo and conditioner that are of good quality, affordable and for all hair types? I have the answer for you.

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First and foremost I am going to tell you I love Bumble and Bumble. It’s what is enhancing and supplying my knowledge at school. BUT you cannot find it at Walmart.  So I have to move past this.

Any of them are worth it, just as long as you aren’t over doing it. And pay attention to descriptions. I realize you may hate reading labels, but it’s useful. For instance, say you pick up Burt’s Bees Super Shiny. Note the keyword in this: shiny. In this product is an ingredient that is going to add shine to your hair. It’s quite possible, whether natural or not, it’s got a “oil” in it. For those with oily hair that doesn’t have shine, just “grease” this is absolutely NOT the product for you. If you hair has too much moisture, avoid moisturizing products. And even if you have normal hair, it’s going to leave something ick behind. Even shampoo and conditioners that are of name brand, that say for normal hair, talk about removing build up and leaving shine. Which means it’s stripping away natural proteins and adding back something you aren’t going to like.

So in the end I would say the best to check out would be the Gentle Cleansing (Classic Care) from TRESemme. So far, from my own personal research, they are the ones that have an actual for normal hair cleanser and conditioner. If you have room to play budget wise, check out any shampoo and conditioners that are specific to organic, vegan and chemical free. You will have good luck with those.

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  1. Are there any specific chemicals people should look to try to avoid in a shampoo if they can?

    • That all depends on you. You can get organic/vegan shampoos that are sulfate etc free and they are void of any harsh chemicals. If you don’t have dandruff or forms of dandruff – a dandruff shampoo isn’t really going to be the best shampoo for you. I would say avoid any shampoos that have tea tree oil (it’s great but not for everyday use) and ones that boast clarifying. Clarifying is going to strip your hair of everything, so try to only use that if you feel like you have build up.