Sephora Launches App

We all can obviously tell now that I am a product and makeup junkie. Well, to fuel my addiction and love for all things beautiful – Sephora has launched an app, Sephora to Go.


Sephora noted in their press release and their blog that some of their favorite highlights of the app are:

# The app features our first-ever multimedia catalog, only on the iPad, packed with expert tips, videos, animation, and the latest hair, makeup, skincare and fragrance trends.
# You can access and engage with up-to-the-minute news from Sephora’s social channels, like BeautyTalk, YouTube, and Facebook- all in one place.
# Learn to create our pro looks on yourself with our innovative feature that transforms your iPad into a side-by-side mirror and video player (exclusive to the iPad2). Using the front-facing camera, you can see your face within the app while you watch how-to videos for applying make-up. Your device turns into your personal Beauty Studio— now that’s tech-talk we don’t need translation for.
# Shop, shop, and did we mention, shop? Browse and purchase available products, read fashion tips that are relevant to that product and purchase items through the website. Plus, if you are using an iPad2, you can make those purchases without even having to exit out of the app

The app is free and you can get Sephora to Go at the Apple iTunes store now!