SEO – Understanding Keywords

I’ve finally am trying to catch up on getting you the information I am learning along the way regarding search engine optimization (SEO). To see what I am understanding so far read: SEO Attempting A Breakdown & SEO – The Basics. Right now I am going to try to explain my understanding of the little thing that seems to be a big thing with SEO, keywords.



You are not going to find a lot of information across the internet regarding keywords when it comes to SEO. You will find a lot of resources regarding optimizing your use of keywords, but that is pretty much it. If you do find the information on it, it will be lumped in among other things like meta tags etc. But what I am trying to do here is break all of the elements of SEO so we can fully grasp the entire usage and process.

Keywords very simple are words that essential in sentences etc. We all know we have made the remark, “Such and such being the keyword in my sentence”, often times as a comeback in an argument. Much like an argument, people will use keywords or phrases to search the internet for a particular thing. Like say Mom Blog. Put that into your search bar above and the results will yield websites that have used either of those keywords or the entire phrase.

That is the goal of keywords and SEO. Most experts will tell you that extensive research and time put into developing keywords that are relevant to your audience is important. But what about your site? Would be ultimately worthless to have a website about baby clothing but utilize keywords that are driving traffic towards something non related to baby clothing. From understanding too, this is a no-no. So take a look at what your content is on your site daily. I for instance, talk a lot about my family and myself. Life. Family. Those are two important keywords describing my content and my site.

If you are developing a new site you will want to look at what your site will be about and what content you will attempt to cover. Find the keywords in those. There are a lot of resources for researching keywords like I said. Some of these may be free and some of these may cost something. Most stat trackers will cover what keywords are being used to find your site and which ones are used the most. Google webmaster tools, stat counter and Google analytics can help in a major way with these.

So to sum it all up. Keywords. Words that are important in your content and (what will come later) meta tags & descriptions regarding your site. You do not want to overload with these keywords because it will look like spam. Essential places to focus on keywords?

  • Using the keyword in the title of the page
  • Using the keyword in the URL
  • Using the keyword in the meta tags, especially the meta description
  • Using the keyword in any image file paths and in the images’ alt text
  • Using the keyword as the anchor text in links back to the page from elsewhere on the site

(Information from SEO Keywords Post –

In closing, if and when you decide to do some research on keywords – take your time and take notes. You very may well get conflicting information, but somewhere there is a middle ground. That middle ground is what you want to store for later use. But my simple advice would be not to chose keywords and build something off of those. You will get highly discouraged and bored with what you are doing. Instead optimize and maximize what you want to do.


  1. So you’re going to come to my site and be my SEO bitch now, right? LOL I don’t have time to fix all my stuff, but I know I have tons of issues from when I was on Blogger. OY. I’d REALLY love to finally get past the PR 3 I’ve had forever and a day.