SEO – Attempting a breakdown

All across the internet if there is one thing I see on a daily basis is the three little letters SEO. Often times and including myself on this point, I care very little and don’t understand SEO. Most people knighted with SEO expertise will tell you of the importance of it on your blog, website etc ad nauseam. Even the true blogging experts have links guiding you to the knowledge and use of it.

probloggerseoThe problem I am having is I have yet to find a [pure] resource explaining the questions I have. My questions may seem a bit childish and unintelligent in the eyes of the knowing; I have yet to be [learned] correctly though.

So in my attempts of trying to grasp and implement these three golden words, I decided I would take you along with me on my journey. Maybe you can explain it better, add to my limited knowledge or learn with me. Whatever it may be, let’s begin our little journey of breaking down the scary three letter acronym.Again, bear with me on this journey as I know NOTHING.

My first stop of understanding and breaking down SEO was searching out Black Hat Search Engine Optimization. It’s a long dirty word to the experts in this area and I’m sure I need to understand all of it, before I understand the bad of it. I couldn’t help myself though. It’s talked about often and more recently in the J.C. Penney debacle. Something that major catches our eyes and sidetracks us?


So here we go. Let’s get this SEO puzzle together. If you are anything like me, you like to work on the puzzle in certain order. You put the border pieces together, then start working inward towards the final piece. Problem with that is, I often like to fit the pieces together I see, then just keep going from there. So we are starting with Black Hat SEO. My first search brought me to this article, (What is Black Hat SEO? Wendy Boswell) According to this article it’s an unethical way of getting higher search engine rankings. Now presumably we all understand that: higher search engine rankings = more visitors (traffic to your site) = money, popularity etc. Of course like I said I very well may be off, but so far this is my only understanding. The author of the above article pointed out three particular ways of this unethical practice. Keyword Stuffing. Invisible Text and Doorway Pages. Three things admittedly I know nothing about. Wiki cites another practice as link farming. Again, I know nothing. So before we understand the use and implement, let’s try to understand the practices that are bad.

Keyword Stuffing.

Keyword stuffing is overloading the content or meta tags of the web page with every possible keyword or phrase that relates to the site in many different forms. [1]

So from my understanding, the point is to describe your site or write your content without the good ol’ sales pitch “buy buy buy sale sale sale mom blog mom blog mom blog”. It seems fairly simple to understand what to do and not to do. Also helps me understand the use of proper written content and site description when it comes to implementing SEO in an ethical manner.

Doorway Pages & Cloaking.

Web site contain web pages that are listed in search result. However, when entering these pages, users are redirected to other pages. Hence, the search result contents do not match the page displayed to users. [Wiki]

From what it sounds like, it’s a lot like keyword stuffing too. Don’t create a fake, cloaked  or doorway page stuffed full of the “buy sale mom blog” type pitch. It will show up on the search engine results page that might grab the readers attention, but when they click the link they are flown through another time dimension to something absolutely different. Got it. No wacky teleportation tricks.

Invisible Text.

This one I actually don’t have to quote sources to explain. I actually get it. Basically it says don’t create text of any sort (linkable or otherwise) that you hide within your site to gain juice for your search engine optimization. It’s fairly comparable to those ads saying “Free Car” but when you get to the dealership, it’s a free car with approved credit, five million dollars down and your first born child. A gimmick and sneaky tactic. If you are wondering exactly the way of hiding it, well you make the text the color of the place your are putting. My background on this blog is white and blue. So to hide them I could make the text those colors.

Link Farming.

Wiki cites it as:  any group of web sites that all hyperlink to every other site in the group.

I honestly had to dig further into this, because it still confused the crap out of me. What I gather is that me and my posse create a link page. In that link page we all link to one another. So when people are clicking into the site or it shows in a search engine, you are getting the same thing over. And over. I suppose like those emails that have the subject FWD FWD FWD. You end up closing before you read it because it’s full of crap and not actual content.  The goal is to let people link to you naturally. In this post I have linked to my resources that I used when researching this post. Their sites are relevant to my information, so they will get a bit of a boost when people are searching out their site etc. From what I gather reciprocal links are nice, “I’ll add you to my blogroll if you add me” but may prove to be a haphazard in the long run. I will attempt to delve into that in the near future. The point is, don’t create a link page that is copied from your friend(s) page but include their link now. If you want a link page, do it with your own natural thought, add links you really do like, use etc.


Well we made it this far. We understand the DO NOT’s of SEO. Next up – understanding the SEO concept for beginners like me.


  1. I suck ASS at SEO. And no onne is much willing to help me out and answer my 50 million questions about it. LOL

    I do have a FB friend who wrote this article that explains some stuff fairly well.

    PS: you didn’t blog for what 5 months? You have a PR of SEVEN and I’m a 3. WTF BATMAN?? You don’t need SEO help, you need to give up your secrets. LOL


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