Sell Your DVDs

Read further if you are wanting to make some extra cash and how to sell your dvds.

Every spring I do what most people do, I spring clean. One of my biggest pet peeves is unwanted clutter and it just so happens to take over my garage. Why? Because I plan a yearly yard sell. Scrap the old. I’m talking toys, clothes, furniture etc. And one of the biggest things that collect dust and remind me of wasteful spending: Entertainment Products. (i.e. DVD’s) We are a family that buys a DVD on a whim, watches it, stores it away and dusts it weekly — while I cringe and wonder why we did that. Mind you we do buy some movies, like The Lord of The Rings that we keep for “collective” purposes. But honestly — it’s kinda ridiculous. Especially nowadays with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon….well you get my point.

But what do you do with the old ones?


I sell them online to They buy used DVD’s, CD’s and Video Games. And yes they also buy Blu-Ray. You can easily search for the product you are wanting to sell by typing in the title or use the UPC code to find it faster.

We were going to sell ours at the yard sale, but we goes to a yard sale to buy a decently priced movie? Nobody. With you can get a fair price (and I have to admit BETTER price) then what you would get if you were privately selling it. On top of the fact that you can also get money put into your paypal account. PLUS they have Dollar Bonus for sharing the word about them (much like I am doing now). Read more about Dollar Bonus.

Yes shipping is free.

Yes it’s user friendly and easy to figure out.

But yes they do have policies. Which you can read more about that on their FAQ page.

Either way. Check out and see if you can make some extra cash this spring by selling your dvd’s, cd’s and video games!