How To Begin Saving Money As A Family In Arizona

Are you looking for ways to begin saving money as family while living in Arizona? Well let me help you. It doesn’t matter if you have a large or small family. And I am not an expert, I am just a mother of 4, leading a family of 6. I just graduated from school and my family has a goal to achieve. To achieve any goal you have to have steps. Step one for us is learning how to be financially stable. To budget. To save. To be wise with our pennies. And unless you have a ton of spare time, it is difficult to find every single resource to start your journey of saving money as a family in Arizona. **Each resource will be marked for cost (most if not all will say FREE) which means, free to use!** So let’s begin:

Save On Groceries – Step One

Food is a major cost in our house. 14, 12, 9 and 7. The ages of my kids. Two boys. Two girls. Four very hungry mouths to feed. So cutting costs on grocery budget was my biggest challenge. You may have your opinions on coupons, stockpiling etc – and you need to lose them. If you have trouble with your grocery budget then it’s time to toss away all thoughts, start fresh and begin saving. Just in this month I have created a small monthly stockpile on food, cut my grocery bill entirely in half and scored some major deals to cut my Christmas shopping expenses. Is it an earth shattering feat? No, but it’s a baby step in the right direction of our goals. And it’s a bit addicting. So where do you begin when it comes to saving on groceries? Here are my favorite websites to get you there. If you are wanting to spend money for things like Savings Club and Coupon Sense then you may. I chose to do the free trial, get a feel for what I needed to do then cancelled before my trial was up. I have a hard time spending when I need to save.

Pinching Your Pennies – Arizona’s Screaming Deals

This is a forum, but it’s loaded with deals, printables, lists and you can interact to ask questions and learn more. FREE.


The Krazy Coupon Lady

Not Arizona specific, but she has a great how to for beginners¬†and it’s packed full of deals specific to stores and much more. FREE


Grocery Smarts – Arizona Lists

A bit trickier to read and understand but it does have a How To. FREE


A Full Cup

AFC has a forum that can be explored further with store and state specific. A wealth of knowledge and resources. FREE


Explore Arizona Freebies – Step Two

I’m not talking about the freebies when it comes to things to do (that’s another step) but physical things. Clothing. Household. You name it. And there are freebies out there. Where do you begin?


Don’t go meeting strangers off there and be safe (craigslist has guidelines to remember when it comes to this) but they do have free stuff. You never know what you might score. FREE



A wealth of freebies around Arizona. Takes some exploring, but again you might score some great items. FREE



Get Organized – Step Three

You have the beginning resources, you have the ability – Now get organized. Make lists, create binders and set up a plan. It’s not going to happen overnight, but you will get there. Just stay strong and stay motivated. Keep track of what you are saving, wanting to save and what you are wanting to do. I am going to make this a series of posts, but now you have the very basics. Scoring free items and cutting your grocery budget. We will make this a journey together. And hopefully together we can watch our penny jar get fuller and fuller!