Saturday…err Sun? Day

I decided to take the kids swimming and I was going to lay out while they had fun. Of course, I have been tanning, but baking in the sun from 11-4 probably isn’t the wisest idea. So we all swam and spent our day in the sun, but came our burnt, fried and very well done. But how could I stop the fun when we all ( my kids, me and my baby brother) played Queen of the Ocean (read: swimming pool). The scepters and vials (read: diving sticks) were passed evenly out, and I used mine to turn them all into Turtles, Mermaids and Sharks. Now c’mon, who would wanna stop that????? After accessing the damage of our fun (sunburns) I thanked mother nature for my aloe vera plants that come in every year. So as we speak it’s cooling down in the fridge and I will soon slather them in it. Just a friendly note SPF bagillion doesn’t help that many hours in the sun and water!!!!!! (I’m sure it doesn’t help much when they are all toe headed, fair skinned and blue eyed ~ deadly combo for sun!) But we are about to put a movie in and chill for the rest of the day. Tomorrow will be another fun filled outdoors day with barbeque at Grandma’s!
Here is some pics of the kids from Today (before and after) and I had to throw in the pics of My Tristan girl showing off her curls, her thinking face and showing off her eyeballs!!!