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I am not an experienced organic eater. At all. I have eaten very few things that are considered organic. I do remember eating fresh hamburger – I mean from a cow fresh on a farm type of thing – when I went to Iowa when I was 16. That was delicious. Just recently the kids and I tried organic yogurt and that was a hit. But thanks to the Family Review Network we were able to try some more organic food. Yay!

santa cruz organic

Santa Cruz Organic sent us quite a few products for us to taste. They sent us, Peanut Butter, Fruit Spread & Fruit Sauces. Take a look to see what other things they have, Santa Cruz Organic Products.

About Santa Cruz:

After 30 years, the Santa Cruz Organic® brand continues to be the most successful organic juice brand ever. The company offers more than 60 organic products ranging from fruit juices and sauces to peanut butter.

By offering high-quality organic products to consumers, the Santa Cruz Organic® brand continually raises awareness for the health and economic benefits of organic agriculture while strengthening the market for organic fruit worldwide.

We have also been a leader in efforts to conserve water resources, build soil integrity and support a healthier ecosystem by helping growers make the decision to choose organic practices for their fields and orchards.

Each year, we buy our fruit from hundreds of carefully selected organic growers, who represent thousands of acres dedicated to organic practices

Our Thoughts:

Now I did a video for my kids to give you the live visual taste tasting. When I got the package I was actually VERY worried with the heat. The day it arrived it was triple digit heat here in Arizona. My ice can’t make it less than a mile without starting to melt. When I opened it the peanut butter was a little runny but I immediately read the bottle and put it in the refrigerator. I couldn’t very well taste it like that.

After it hardened back up I did my own taste test on just the peanut butter. I for my entire life have been using NON organic peanut butter so I was quite curious. There was a HUGE difference too. I was impressed and shocked at the same time. It tasted like fresh peanuts but in peanut butter form. So hard to explain but it tasted REAL. In my mind all I was thinking was, “Oh this is how it’s supposed to taste”.

When it came to making a sandwich and spreading it, well, it was quite difficult – I’ll be honest. Now it could be do to my refrigerator settings or that is just the way it is. The products MUST be refrigerated so – take that how you will.

All around I like the products. I really do. But the real challenge is the kids so check out this video to see the final outcome of our Santa Cruz Organic taste test.

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“This post was written for Family Review Network & Santa Cruz Organic who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.”