What Ruins Halloween

What Ruins Halloween

My friends and I have a lot of discussions about Halloween. A LOT. They are Halloween addicts and every year they full on get dressed up. I’m talking complete awesome costumes down to details, make up, hair etc. Then they attend a GIGANTIC Halloween bash in Phoenix that to enter..you have to be dressed up. I’m not the biggest fan of the holiday, but I love letting my kids dress up and go trick ‘r treating. I honestly think as we become adults or I should say parents, that some holiday’s are a lot more entertaining by watching them.

When I was a kid or even teenager, I still didn’t dress up that much. And if I did I tried to go for a unique look and not your typical look. Something different or even boring.

But the most discussed topic when it comes to Halloween is, how can it be ruined? And with talking about it so much there is one thing that can make or break a Halloween, halloween costumes.

You are probably wondering how right?


Oh yes. The infamous slutty costumes. Want to be SpongeBob? Go slutty. Oh and slutty Minnie Mouse.


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