How To Get Rid Of Weeds In Your Yard Cheaply

How To Get Rid Of Weeds In Your Yard Cheaply

Most people are going to tell you that this is the absolute worst way to get rid of weeds in your yard. But let me preface all of this by saying I do it this way because I enjoy it, it’s extremely cheap, there are little to NO chemicals involved (which is important as I have dogs and kids) and it works.

I did have some help, but I have done this to my yard now twice. I have a large backyard. My entire lot is about 11 thousand square feet. And it’s full of landscaping rocks, shrubs, trees, a pool and as I said dogs.

If you don’t have any yard working tools (shovel, rake etc) the ones I recommend the most are:

hand weeder

This Hand Weeder is extremely helpful when it comes to working on your yard.

yard work gloves with grip

These Gripped Gloves For Yard Work are the most important. Your hands will love you if you invest in some.

Now what do you do? The best way to start getting rid of the weeds in your yard is have some patience. You need to have something to sit on (I used an old yoga mat), a trash can nearby and these two things above. If your yard is fairly moist, great, otherwise water your yard down a bit. It will make pulling the weeds up easier.

Then pick your starting point, sit and start pulling. You should pull the weeds out by the root. Otherwise you are almost defeating the purpose of the entire thing. And yes, it will take you awhile. I had let my entire backyard get overgrown and over populated with a ton of weeds, including ones that were just about as tall as me. But with help and not doing it on a consistent basis I was able to do my entire yard in two weeks.

All I have at the moment is my after picture of my backyard. My mom has all the in progress and before pictures. But take a look at this picture and imagine the entire yard covered in weeds. The maintaining afterwards is also super easy because you can use chemicals such as roundup to kill them before they over take your yard.