Let’s go back. Do you remember being a kid, seeing a movie and totally acting it out the rest of your child days? Well for me and my brother, there was a movie…RAD! No not Rad (that’s cool) Rad the movie! If you’ve seen it you’ll understand. My brother was big into BMX bikes and so were his friends. So this movie was like super awesome to us. I watched this movie over a million times. Well I just thought about it now, wondering if it ever made it to DVD and it hasn’t. You know how disappointing that is? So I found many of links on You Tube etc. As I watched the clips, I got the overwhelming urge to run, jump on a bike and do some gnarly tricks. LOL I must give props to the 80’s. The good years.

Here are some links and video’s. My tribute to one of my all time favorite movies in my lifetime.

And another link you can get some RAD trivia from