Seeing Red

I have an obsession or maybe it’s addiction, but it’s flaring right now. Now it’s flaming. There is absolutely no way to calm it, so I have to share it. I am overwhelmed with red. From hair to makeup and onto clothes. I want to see every color in the red spectrum on everything. And I’m not quite sure why. But take a look at the red makeup look I am coveting.

red makeup


From the eyes to the lips. The hints of red on the apples of the cheeks. Le sigh. It’s yummy. But then, well then there is the hair. Part of my obsession has gone overboard, I mean I did go with red hair myself.

red hair

I am not quite sure what it is about red right now. But the varying hues from bold to subtle are amazing. I truly hope to see more and more red in everything. And don’t you worry, I’ll have a post up soon of my red clothing obsession next!

Oh and by the way so far, I have found some great red makeup on Etsy!



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