How To Recreate The Smokey Eye

When it comes to classics around the world, the classic makeup look that will never die away is the smokey eye. It’s beautiful. Versatile. But when I was asked how to make it softer – my heart was happy.

The beauty of beauty – makeup – is that you can do anything you absolutely want to and it will still look amazing. Unless of course it doesn’t. Ha! Regardless. The smokey eye. It’s truly stunning right?

smokey eye

But how can we make it softer? How can we recreate the smokey eye?


Easy. Just use different colors.

For instance use colors that will compliment your skin tone. Or use colors that will compliment your eyes? I’ve talked briefly about makeup to compliment eyes but let’s go a bit further and have you look at the color wheel. The way to know what is complimentary to your eyes is go to the color wheel. Look for your color. My eyes are blue, but looking at the color wheel you’ll find that it’s the second blue on it. So head straight across from that and you see red.

So I would recreate the smokey eye with red (Eyeshadow…Lipstick)


When it comes to the smokey eye, don’t be afraid to use any color you absolutely love. From any soft color to bright color. Do what is comfortable to you and what is fun to you! But if you want to stick with the black (just not so dark) look into grey eyeshadows (bareMinerals) for a more subtle smokey eye!


  1. Thanks Brittany!! I’d never considered using a ‘color’ other than black/grey. I wonder if a silver would work? I’ll play around a bit and see what works!

    • It would!!! And it would look so amazing! Very glamorous! And you could do a sparkle glitter for those nights you want to pretend you are childless and on a hot date LOL!