Must Read Books

A huge list of Must Read Books.

This year I decided to do a challenge with Goodreads and read 365 books. A book a day. Yes. So I am going to share with you all the books that I have loved here. While I would love to give a review for 365 of them…that’s just too much and some of these books are so amazing all I can give you is that word – amazing.

I will keep this “bookshelf” of sorts updated as much as possible as we go along. I would add other e-reader book stores, but I use Kindle for 98% of my reading.

Also keep an eye out as I will be adding my favorite author’s and their links very soon too.

And if you want to see what other books I am reading/have read — friend me on Goodreads!

must read books

So check out all these Must Read Books: