Quick Makeup On The Go

It seems as though lately I am always on the go. I am either running here, running there, taking someone here or taking someone there. I then have school, kids and a long list of various other things that could take a blog post to explain (or more). And today was no different. I had to get up take kids to school and then I had to run errands. Doctors. Grocery. Pharmacy. All before 10 am. Which leaves me absolutely very little time to “put my face on” before I hit the front door.

I live with the idea that you have to do yourself up in makeup and do your hair (not full on hollywood glam style) but something. It feels good and it’s a great way to start the day. So how do I accomplish a quick makeup, on the go look?

quick makeup products


Apply Tinted Acne Treatment (if needed).  Then apply Neutrogena Translucent Powder. Use the Neutrogena Natural Radiance Bronzer along your cheek bones to add just a bit of color. Then add Maybelline ExpertWear eyshadow (I chose the taupe color) just on the upper eyelid below the crease. Give your upper lashes a sweep of Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara and plump your lips with Sally Hansen Lip Inflation.

And off you go! I actually decided to pair this makeup look with my fun and messy short hairstyle too!


  1. I love that Neutrogena bronzer!

  2. My make up is always on the go too, if I’m able to do it at all. I still haven’t found THE mascara, so I may give that one a try!

  3. I love the Neutrogena eyeliner, but they discontinued the ones I was using! I hate when that happens. I’m going to check out the Lip Inflation. I’m always on the lookout for good lip stuff.