Put Glasses On A Christmas List

I personally don’t need to have an eyeglasses prescription. But then I haven’t been to see an eye doctor since I was a kid when I went through the phase of wanting to wear glasses because everyone else is my glass was. Silly kids right?! Either way I have several members of my family that do need to wear glasses and to be honest, glasses is something to considered for a gift for Christmas.


vintage glassesWell to start with my sister in law. Who owns a vintage clothing boutique here in Arizona — well I could see her wearing the glasses (above). She would look super fabulous in them and they are the vintage style.It would make a great gift to include in a gift basket I would be making for her, or to put in a stocking with other goodies. I know she would never ask for them because it would seem like she is asking for an unfair gift item. But think about it, glasses would not only be a usable Christmas gift, but also something very chic.

designer glasses

Next up is my mom. The above eyeglasses are a designer style. Something she would absolutely never pick out for herself because she is far too frugal and hard on herself. But c’mon, my mom needs to look hip and hot. And I for one know she is in dire need of some new glasses and she refuses to ask for anything for Christmas. I think it would be a great surprise for her. Plus as I said, she would look way good in them!

When it comes down to it, you don’t have to spend a lot on glasses. And you don’t have to just get prescription. I am dying for several pair of sunglasses and I don’t need a five hundred dollar pair. A nice set of cheap glasses would do just fine. And like I said I truly can’t stress enough how great of a gift this is. From a stocking stuffer or what you can deem a filler gift. You know those gifts that you need to hurry and find that will balance the budget of what you’ve spent for each family member on gifts this year?

Don’t hesitate this year to consider buying gifts that are extremely usable and logical gifts like glasses. We spend our times bending over backwards to get that one huge amazing gift, but how often does the person really use it? Probably not that often huh? And if you do consider purchasing glasses, check out GlassesUSA.com for affordable and stylish glasses this year!!!

Plus as an extra gift to you from me:

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