Progression Of A Burn

A personal look at a progression of a burn.

I know y’all will be tired of hearing about burns soon enough too, but this is OUR LIFE right now, so what else should I blog about?! The day after it happened Brent sent me the following picture of his burn.

arm burn

It didn’t look half bad to me at this point. It looked BAD but not as bad as my mind had envisioned.

The following picture is of his burn a few days after it happened, after we visited the burn center etc.

burn picture

What a huge difference huh. The healing process, the progression of the burn. It’s fascinating. But painful when you are doing wound care. Let thisĀ  be a lesson to all…fire is NOT FUN.


  1. Lauralee Hensley says:

    Yes, burns are very painful. I got my hands burned when I was seventeen, only first and second degree, but man they really hurt healing, and even after healed were super sensitive to heat for a couple of years.
    I can’t even imagine having a burn that big trying to heal.

  2. Oh that does look painful! It does seem to be healing well though! Wishing him a speedy recovery! The worry sucks!