Best Products For Treating Acne

I have used so many products when it has come to my battle with acne. Many. I’ve tried over the counter, I’ve tried prescriptions, herbals and even medicines (i.e. birth control). With that in mind I’m here to offer what I have seen be the very best products when it comes to acne. There are a few things to remember though: Give it time { for the product to work, for your skin to adjust to the new regimen} and take note of results. If acne worsens, quit it. If skin problems occur, quit it.

So here we go, the best products for treating acne.

Clean & Clear Treatment Products

I have used these products for as long as I can remember and love them.

Acne Free

I actually purchased these products not too long ago and was extremely impressed.

Oxy Clearing Treatment

I have used the others and the clearing treatment is the one out of all of them I recommend the most.

St Ives Naturally Clear Products

By far one of my favorite products to use.


Great products! And they also have a Customized Skin Care Guide


For more information about treating and combating acne:

Tips To Reducing Acne Breakouts

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Soon I’ll post about makeups that are great for acne prone skin. Tell me: what products have you have found for treating acne?


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