Products For Sensitive Skin

I have pretty sensitive skin and it seems as the older I get, the more extreme it gets. One of the entry requirements for a giveaway I had done, was asking to let me know what you wish you knew more about when it comes to beauty. Let’s all be honest and say nobody is an expert on all beauty and nobody (including myself) knows how to do things correctly, what to buy, etc.

I think that is my ultimate goal here is to create a community to where we can all share and learn from each other. So with that in mind, let’s cover products for those with sensitive skin or extremely sensitive skin.

I am going to start out buy saying that you if you buy organic, vegan and/or chemical free products you are going to have the best luck when it comes to products for sensitive skin. 80% (give or take — I don’t do stats) of my skin irritation comes from the dyes, chemicals, fragrances and the likes in products. And that’s ALL products. But I can go to Bath and Body Works and buy a billion lotions and never have irritated skin. Unless of course I put it on my eczema. Then you will see me die. Ha!  So google search those type of products and you’ll have good luck.

But huge brand name products also offer options for sensitive skin or normal skin. For instance:

Burt’s Bee’s says NATURAL but they still do offer a sensitive skin line. Which I actually recently purchased the moisturizing cream to use on my chin and neck after washing my face. LOVE it. Does not burn. Does not have any irritation. And my neck and chin seem to be flaring up the most with my eczema this winter.

Murad also offers a complete line for sensitive skin that is worth checking out. They are a bit higher priced so you should take that into consideration.

Some of my best experience comes from baby products. Johnson and Johnson for instance. Anything geared towards babies are believed to be “gentle” and I have not had any problems with them.

AVEENO also offers various lines for sensitive skin and they are part of the Johnson and Johnson corporation. So maybe that’s why I’ve had luck with them.

Juice Beauty too offers a sensitive skin line, but I’ve used a variety of their products with no irritation. They are a product labeled organic — so I chalk it up to that, as I said seeking those products you will have the best of luck.

Other names that have come up are Jergen’s, Curel, Olay, Avon and Eucerin. My only complaint with Eucerin is that certain products do leave a greasy feel and residue and that’s not on any of our “pro/con” list other than on the con side. And often you can go the way of normal Vaseline if you want to go that route.

Besides searching out strictly organic, check out too. Homemade natural products are also going to give you good results. And don’t hesistate to speak with people and/or sellers of products. They can truly advise you as to what may be in their products and what will work best for you.


If you have sensitive skin — what products do you recommend?