Product Diversion

In all industries, when it comes to business, things are tricky and often times downright dirty. It’s a tough and rough battle to be in. Marketing. Advertising. Sales. Building your brand. Being reputable, respectable and having the ability to stand out from the rest. To say that owning your own business or starting your own business is an easy thing to do is a downright lie.

Part of my education in beauty school is business. From learning what it takes to be successful in our business to also learning about others businesses and products. It’s one of my favorite parts of my education is being front and center of the marketing from companies we are interacting with and learning with.

Today I wanted to talk about product diversion when it comes to the companies we are working with. Joico. Dermalogica. Bumble and Bumble. Bare Escentuals. But mostly I wanted to talk about diversion with Bumble and Bumble as the main case in point. Mind you all these websites with a bit of typing and hit enter (searching their site) you will find information about diversion and their company.

But I have come across a large amount of people who are finding Bumble products in places they should NOT be. I even have had people call them sell outs. Bumble has become very near and dear to me and extremely valuable to my education so I have taken offense to this.

Are you not sure what diversion is? Read diversion definition and this article on product diversion from CNN. And now I want you to watch the following video, follow the link to information about diversion + Bumble and Bumble and read the blurb about it.

We are very careful about where we sell Bumble and bumble, and we choose only the finest salons, apothecaries and shops – places with friendly hairdressers and salespeople who LOVE hair and who LOVE Bumble and bumble. We do this because we make our products to be sold by experts who know our products up and down, backwards and forwards, inside and out. Read More About Bumble and Bumble Product Diversion.

So please for the love of business and for me — research the company to find out information they have about product diversion and to make sure you are buying authorized products from authorized dealers!