Polish Your Nails for Valentine’s Day

Polish Your Nails for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and that means we are going to start seeing red, hearts, chocolate and a lot of flowers. Whether you celebrate the day or not – it’s sometimes fun to just do something for yourself, so why not polish and primp those nails!?

So here are 5 great nail colors/designs to get you in the spirit of the holiday and maybe give you the option to give yourself some love!


black and red nails

Image: Voir-la-beaute.blogspot.com (Red Nails)

I love the red base with the black dots as an accent. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day.

elegant red nails


Image: vegganmenu.blogspot.com (Elegant Red Nail Tutorial)

The red and black in this is also amazing, but I love the uniqueness of the design. As stated, elegant and very fitting for Valentine’s Day.

heart nails


Image: CW Tampa

This is PERFECT when it comes to nails for Valentine’s Day! It has the hearts, the red and the black to go with it!

valentines day nails

Image: jamrockmagazine.com

This has got to be one of my favorites. Not your typical red for the holiday, but a super cute color/design combination nonetheless. (The website even includes exactly what you need to get it!)

simple heart nails

Image: katrinasnailblog.blogspot.com

This is on the top of my list for nails in honor of Valentine’s Day. It’s simple, elegant, and pretty and the one heart is perfect to celebrate with!

So get out there my ladies, even if you don’t celebrate; go show yourself some love and show your nails some love for Valentine’s Day!