The night Brent leaves I never sleep well. It’s readjusting to him being gone and with the busy day, I usually get a nap in with the kids. Today/ Tonight being no different than the other times he leaves, I decide to run in and get the kids Subway for dinner. I’m a nice Mom huh?! I was thinking more along the lines of the no mess, no fuss option. Anyway, when we get back I see that Pirates of The Caribbean is on. Yay! So after we finish eating we all plop down and watch it.

Let me tell you, all five of us are huge Pirates fans. That was even one of the kids’ favorite rides when we went to Disneyland. Brodie thinks Captain Jack is awesome. Dayton just likes the whole Pirate thing in general and Tristan likes it because it reminds her of Disneyland.

Anyway, Brodie wanders back to her room to play, she’s just not as enthusiastic tonight about watching it. Dayton comes in only on the sword fighting scenes (go figure) and Tristan is laying with me on the couch. Next thing I know she’s asleep and then I am too. BLAH! So I decide to put in our DVD of Pirates and watch the second movie. Now all three kids are asleep and I am still wide awake and doing a Pirates movie marathon alone.

But the joy of it all is relaxing with the kids and watching a movie to slow down the whole day a little. And what better to watch then Pirates and of course, Johnny Depp. Oh La La!