Personal Insight

What would a “blog” be without a little personal insight into who I am. I thought about making a super long list about who I am or typing out this well written blog post but that’s really not who I am. I like to throw out bits and pieces of information and come back later with a little bit more. And not the type of personal information that you could easily get from browsing old blog posts. You know that stuff that provides boring insight into my everyday mundane life. I go to school. I have kids. Yada. Yada. Yada. So here are ten facts (or personal insight) into me, Brittany.

brittany greer

1. I learned to ride (equestrian) when I was about 8ish maybe. My step-mother took six kids to this lady who taught us and we boarded a horse at her house. I will never forget (Kim was her name) her house either. It was probably one of the most amazing houses. The horse we boarded there, Bailey, got colic one night and my step-mother, step-sister and I stayed up with him all night long. It was my very first experience with colic and from then on I knew what to do and the signs of it.

2. I have many pet peeves. Many. One of them is if at any time my family does not use yes/no ma’am/sir. It’s almost like nails on a chalk board to me.

3. I bought a car over a year ago and I hate it. I hate that it’s a car. I like trucks. Not monster trucks. I like this style of truck.

4. I do love country music. But the city twist part of me brings out my love for all music. Any given day I can listen to Hank Williams Jr. to a little Eminem to Korn.

5. Just because I am a caring, generally nice person who easily goes with the flow does NOT mean I won’t get a little country on you and share my opinions. I just have learned to pick my battles wisely and not feed the bears.

6. I swear lightning bugs are kin to fairies. Like Tinkerbell. If you live in the south you know what I mean.

7. I also swear that there is something very magical to going out and just petting your horses. You’d have to own a horse or have owned one to know what I mean.

8. I don’t think there is anything that can match the smell of worn leather on a old saddle.

9. I hunt. I have killed, gutted, skinned etc a deer. I’m not sad about it. It was not for sport.

10. I am overly proud of my short stature.