How To Get Perfect Lips

This should be more aptly titled to how to wear and apply any lip makeup since that is what we are going to cover. I am going to give you some tips on applying makeup to your lips to get the best possible pucker ever!

Wearing lipstick is one of the fun parts about makeup. You can showcase your lips, complete the entire look and have a lot of fun with it. You have choices of lipstick, lip gloss, simple lip balm and well the list goes on. Not to add in the colors, the pencils and the variation of looks from season to season.

But sometimes we are all left scratching our head wondering why our lips just aren’t standing out like they should. So let’s get to it and let’s get your pucker looking luscious.

lips shapes

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1. Thin Lips

Use brighter, lighter colors. This will make them appear fuller. To increase the size of both the upper and lower lip – outline them with a soft curving line but just outside your natural lip line.  If you have a thin lower lip; extend the curve of it balance the shape and if your upper lip is thin; build up the curve to create balance.


2. Full Lips

Use you lip liner (pencil) and outline just inside your natural lip line. Minimize the fullness of your lips by choosing darker, more muted colors. But when blending, be careful and do it inside the line you created with the lip liner.


3. Full Bottom Lip

If your bottom lip is fuller than the top or your top lip is too thin/small – mute your lower lip with a deep color and go a shade (or two) lighter for your upper lip. Line the lower lip to look smaller and leave the upper lip unlined or line it slightly outside the natural lip line. Be sure whatever colors you chose — keep them in the same color family.


4. Small Mouth

For a small mouth you want to build the outside edges of the upper and lower lips by lining (very little) outside your natural lip line. Then be sure to extend the corners of your mouth outward. (Give the illusion that it is larger than it actually is)


5. Sharply Defined

If you have sharply defined lips or “cupid’s bow” you should line the upper lip and round off the sharp peaks. Then widen the curve of the upper lip. Again — all with your lip liner (pencil)


6. Uneven / Crooked / Offset Lips

You want to create balance. (With any makeup look) and to do that use a liner (pencil) to build up the areas that are not large or defined.


A few tips before proceeding with the tip to get your perfect lips, apply foundation to your lips to block out the natural lip line (not entirely obviously) so you can create a new line if need be. It will also allow the color to be truer and prevent bleeding of color. If you apply powder over the foundation – the lip color will last longer!