How The Miner Was Thoughtful On Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, the miner was away at work on his 6 week hitch. It was a typical day, even if it was a “holiday”. I did dishes. I did laundry. I was managing the daily operations as usual. We weren’t spending the day running to here, running to there or even hanging out with […]

Happy Momma’s Day!

Just a little shout out to all my blogging Moms and Moms in general! Have a fantastic day! “Why are you crying?” he asked his mom. “Because I’m a mother,” she told him.”I don’t understand,” he said. His mom just hugged him and said, “You never will!”Later the little boy asked his father why Mother […]

Saturday…err Sun? Day

I decided to take the kids swimming and I was going to lay out while they had fun. Of course, I have been tanning, but baking in the sun from 11-4 probably isn’t the wisest idea. So we all swam and spent our day in the sun, but came our burnt, fried and very well […]

Dr. Seuss

This week coming up my darling Brodie is off to the doctor’s once again. It started off as a little sore throat, sniffling nose and has escalated into Dr’s appts and loads of medication. We pulled up the carpet in her room and are going to lay down something else in hopes of that helping […]

Who taught her this?

This is why you dont rush your children to get dressed!!!!……,

Wednesday Who?!

You know I really hate spelling the word Wednesday. It’s not spelled like it sounds, and that “N” really annoys me. Just a little randomness for the middle of the week. Today I accomplished some of my book, then realized I must travel. The area in which the book is taking place is somewhere I […]

Hooray For Corn!

Today we all got up early and headed to Helotes. Mind you I have been battling some serious bouts of restlessness and sinus crap all weekend, so I was negative on the sleep factor, but needed to get out of the house regardless. So we headed to Helotes, for the Cornyval! My two nieces and […]

The Note From The Miner I Shouldn’t Share

This morning I pulled myself out of bed. I begun my day with coffee at my desk in my office. The mini miner’s were still sleeping. So I fired up the email, the social networking sites and the usual websites I like to stalk over first thing in the morning. Low and behold beaming at […]

Age Quotes

Just a few age quotes I wanted to share.   No matter how old you are, there’s always something good to look forward to. Lynn Johnston (1947 – ), For Better or For Worse, 01-04-04 You don’t stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing. Michael Pritchard We should always […]

A New One

I just can’t help myself. It’s truly just in my blood to be addicted to something. Plus, I don’t spend a lot of time watching television so I usually hop on the net and watch the shows off of here to catch up. I’ll turn it on and fold laundry, do my nails, play a […]