Totally Tuesday

First off, a big Thank You to Shauna for doing my blog! It is awesome and I just love looking at it. Her link is on the right, she does amazing work! Yesterday was a pretty easy going day. I got all the house work done. Then decided to take my kids swimming. My MIL […]


Last night, Dayton stayed away. He spent his first full night with his Uncle. No phone calls for me to come get him. No tears when I left him. Nothing. Nada. When I picked him up this afternoon all I got was a, ‘Mom, I’m not going back home. I love you, but I don’t […]


Tristan is wearing blue jeans, a pink shirt 10 times too big for her and her boots. Her hair is brushed, her teeth too. She’s sporting her Princess back-pack. Where is she headed? School. I don’t know.

They Grow Up TOO Fast!

I was looking back at old photos of my kids the other night. OK, actually I pulled out a sealed box with my wedding dress, bouquet and tons of pictures. I wanted to shuffle through some of the pictures and scan them onto my computer. There were several pictures of Brodie and Dayton when they […]


I love to hug and kiss my kids. Nothing is sweeter. And though I love when they go to sleep, I sometimes want to wake them up just to get one last kiss or hug. I know, I know. Amateur.

What the….

I snapped these pictures of Brent after he grilled all day on Tristan’s unofficial third birthday. He usually takes a nap around 3 in the afternoon while he is home. Can’t really blame him as he works for 4-6 weeks without a day off. So yeah I’d imagine he is only slightly exhausted. But sometimes, […]

The Things They Say

Brodie ~ I want to be a pirate, I don’t care if they have nasty teeth, fa la la la la la (singing, with the tune to Deck The Halls) Tristan ~ Mom, Dayton is mad at me. (me) Why Noodle? (Tristan) Why because? (she has her moments of calling me just mom. odd but […]

Pat On The Back

Just wanted to say how proud of the hubby I am. He got yet another promotion, this time to General Foreman (or as his Dad likes to joke General Flunky) and another raise!!!! He’s super awesome at what he does and after all we’ve been through I always knew what he could do. I am […]


Today is the official birthday of my youngest, Tristan. She is officially three. Three years ago I gave birth to my last baby and the one child I was so scared with. Brent had just started working in Alaska and now I would basically be alone with three kids. THREE OF THEM!!!! Though I must […]


The night Brent leaves I never sleep well. It’s readjusting to him being gone and with the busy day, I usually get a nap in with the kids. Today/ Tonight being no different than the other times he leaves, I decide to run in and get the kids Subway for dinner. I’m a nice Mom […]