OH Yeah….

Brent and I had this conversation last night. Brent: I think I make jokes to deal with stress. Me: Yeah I’ve known that since I’ve met you. Brent: I feel really bad. Me. Your Mom and I were discussing how you and your brothers deal with things differently. Even though you all have a god […]

A Little Too Much?

I’m on a mission of baking. I have always liked to bake, so I am going to start doing it again. I started last night with a strawberry-banana pastry. My niece so far is the only one eating it. I guess that’s a bad thing. Or a good thing. My kids like it, but they […]

A Picture

With so much going on right now, I’ve grown more appreciative of the loved ones in my life. I’ve also grown to realize I married into a family with overreactors. (is that a word?) Ten years ago I realized I loved Brent. Ten years later I realized I love Brent’s family too. And I realize […]

How Do Power Rangers Stand

How Do Power Rangers Stand

Dayton informed me of 3 things. 1. The puppy (Charlotte) wants to bite his whacker off. 2. He’s dressed and ready to go. 3. This is how to do the Power Rangers Stance:  

One More

Just had to add, for the first night in a bazillion years I slept. All night long too. And woke up early and feeling, NOT SLEEPY. It’s a first and it feels damn good. I woke up happy. That’s a great thing. I am not a morning person and having kids those two don’t mix. […]

I Haven’t Posted

This past week has been a crazy one. CRAZY I tell you. Filled full of Dr’s appointments. Not fun at all. I’ll catch up on the Dr. stuff later. That’s a whole blog full. But I did say I would give the conversation between me and Brodie. So of course I am cutting up fruit. […]


I have no idea why I am awake. Gonna have to work that issue out some other time. At the moment I am chalking it up to Cabin Fever. Have a lot to say again, but tis 4 FREAKING A.M. I did manage to finish my new book in a day or less. But here […]

Make It Stop!

We went to the river this afternoon with no crankiness, no nothing. I got to see Tristan dive and it was awesome. Brodie practiced her diving skills and Dayton and I went looking for buried treasure. We didn’t find any. Damn. But Dayton and Tristan did take off their swim suits (with the built in […]


This week went by faster than I thought. Thank goodness! Not that I want my kids to grow a day older or anything, but I would like to see my husband. I think. Still awhile to go till he’s home. Crap. I made my weekly schedule different. Every other day I go work out. The […]

Wow it’s Wednesday

Actually have a lot to say today but am sooooo tired. Went to my MIL’s to cook dinner with her and am now exhausted. Will catch up after awhile!