Our Child Safe Website

When we lived in Texas, we lived in a very, very small town. We knew everybody and everybody knew us. We lived on acres and acres of land where the kids could climb, roam, explore and be free. It felt much simpler and our biggest concerns were broken bones and cactus.¬† Since moving to Arizona into the city we don’t feel as simple or as safe. I feel like I am hovering over my children every five seconds and any person that stares for far too long worry me.

I was recently introduced to Our Child Safe, a website  for Amber Alert Registry and Medical Vault.

What the site can do for you as a parent:

The Our Child Safe System

  • Enables immediate dissemination of vital information to law enforcement and emergency personnel.
  • Reduces critical time to initiate appropriate response
  • Provides parents a tremendous comfort level to ensure the safety of their loved ones
  • Provides worldwide access to critical data in time of crisis
  • Can be viewed globally on any windows-based computer
  • Utilizes high level encryption and meets strict IT security standards

It’s comforting knowing that a website like this is available to help us along as parents. It was quick and painless to sign up and store the information I needed to for my children. I have papers lying around here at home with phone numbers, information on my kids health etc but I have kids and they like to touch things, so that paper could easily be misplaced, lost or thrown away. All I would have to do is give my sitter, family member or husband the information to access this site whether I am away or not able to do it myself. I love that idea. Anything to make it easier for my children and my family.

For information on Our Child Safe, Policies, Questions and collaborative partners. Visit – www.ourchildsafe.com

Register now for 19.95 a year and be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter.