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The funny thing about me being in college and studying to be a doctor is my kids’ interest in it. As soon as my lab kit came in my kids were thrilled. Every time I start a new lab exploration for biology my kids have to join in and want to learn what I am learning. Little do they know they are learning college biology right along with me. They just think they are having fun with mom while she does homework. They have taken a huge interest in biology and the human body. Mini doctors in the making? Either way I am seeking more and more ways to not only incorporate education in to their fun time but while I am doing things too. That way we are all learning together.

Well that’s where OrganWise Guys come in.


Since 1993, The OrganWise Guys Inc. has partnered with a variety of public and private entities to bring science-based nutrition, physical activity, and other lifestyle behavior messages to children. Their specialty is combining a depth of knowledge of the research on nutrition and preventive health care practices with creative, attention-getting, curriculum-linked resources that challenge listeners to change their behavior.

Beyond simply teaching children about nutrition, proper exercise and other beneficial practices, our purpose is to instill a healthy habit mindset early on which they continue to build on throughout life. These habits include:

  • Maintaining a low fat diet
  • Consuming high fiber foods
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Performing regular physical activity

As a result, through extensive research, we are pleased to present actively engaging, age-appropriate programs and products that are as appealing to the adults who facilitate the education as they are to the children.

We also make our educational selection available in an array of flexible options. Choose from specific products—such as plush characters, dolls, CDs, DVDs, books, activities, posters, and more—as well as from complete elementary programs and early childhood programs.

One product is the OrganWise Guys Back To School Kit.

organiwise back to school

This kit has given my kids all kinds of information that they deem as FUN but I deem it as education. Of course their favorite is the movie and music – hey they are little techie kids. These kits are definitely worth checking out as not only for parents but teachers too. I have learned with my kids – they learn best when they are enjoying something they think is for “play”. And these particular kits are extra for US because of my college studies towards becoming a doctor. So they have the idea that they too are learning something extremely valuable in a medical area – which in fact they truly are, just at a different level.

So go browse around OrganWise Guys to get a feel for their products – parents & teachers. They have an area for kids too! Also be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

Here is a little video just for you!



  1. Lauralee Hensley says:

    That’s cool that they learn things along with you as you’re learning.