Yard Work More With Rocks

Remember the update I did to my backyard? Well if not, look and read here: Doing Some Work In The Yard. And here are the most recent updates I’ve done. I decided to line the pool and cement area with the really pretty and good size rocks we had. I dug a bit of a […]


Sometimes it’s the simplicity in life that makes it so beautiful. For my birthday my sister surprised me by coming over with a delish cake, beautiful roses and herself. My mom came over too. The kids spent the day in the pool. My mom pulled weeds because she is awesome like that. My sister pulled […]

The Tree of Death

The Tree of Death

Read about this tree (or tree of death) and of course check out all the yard work I have and will be doing! So as you know I’ve been doing some yard work? Well as I was tearing down the make shift crappy dog pen so it can be hauled off I noticed that the […]

Doing Some Work In The Yard

I love my backyard. It’s fairly big compared to some of the other yards we have had out here. It needs a lot of help though. Fortunately the pool doesn’t take up the entire yard but the weeds seem to be at the moment. Which eventually I am going to get to pulling them, but […]

More Lost Pictures

Remember I said I thought I lost some pictures and then found them on a flash drive? You know from our trip three years back to Disneyland? Well here are a couple more. And I have to say I just love looking at them. My tiny humans are so well, tiny. Dayton is trying to […]

Using It Everyday

Maybe it’s because I am a blogger. Maybe it’s because I am obsessive compulsive. Maybe I’m just a little off  or we can chalk it up to the ADHD diagnosis. But something came to me the other day as I was talking to my sister. We were talking about cable and satellite television providers. I […]

Lost Pictures – Found

So yesterday I got this brilliant idea to clean my computer. Not like delete things. And not like wipe it down. One of the five hundred bagillion fans inside the tower was so caked with dust, I needed to give it a good blow job. (Oh. Dirty. Ha.) Anyhow, so I took it apart. Yeah […]

Goody Bags For A Fashion Birthday Party

It is some unwritten rule in the universe that for a birthday party to be a true birthday party, there needs to be goody bags. Or maybe this is just in my head. Either way for both of my kids’ birthday party I put together enough goody bags for all kinds to enjoy. I thought […]

A Constant Change

My kids are a constant change. Which is really no surprise to any parent. They know that from any moment their child can like one thing, the next hate it. Their interest is piqued at rare moments and like an unexpected breeze, comes and goes. Again, really no surprise to us parents. But there are […]

Just some kids

Just a picture of some kids I like. No big deal.