Tristan is wearing blue jeans, a pink shirt 10 times too big for her and her boots. Her hair is brushed, her teeth too. She’s sporting her Princess back-pack. Where is she headed? School. I don’t know.

They Grow Up TOO Fast!

I was looking back at old photos of my kids the other night. OK, actually I pulled out a sealed box with my wedding dress, bouquet and tons of pictures. I wanted to shuffle through some of the pictures and scan them onto my computer. There were several pictures of Brodie and Dayton when they […]

The Things They Say

Brodie ~ I want to be a pirate, I don’t care if they have nasty teeth, fa la la la la la (singing, with the tune to Deck The Halls) Tristan ~ Mom, Dayton is mad at me. (me) Why Noodle? (Tristan) Why because? (she has her moments of calling me just mom. odd but […]


Today is the official birthday of my youngest, Tristan. She is officially three. Three years ago I gave birth to my last baby and the one child I was so scared with. Brent had just started working in Alaska and now I would basically be alone with three kids. THREE OF THEM!!!! Though I must […]

The Unofficial Three

Brent is back off to work on Friday…SUCK! And I have managed to get the “sickness”. I don’t know what it is, where it came from or why it chose me. It sucks too. Yesterday I spent the day feeling arthritic. Oh joy! But before the blah past couple of days, Thursday Brent and I […]

Mini-Me’s,Summer and Sigh’s

Well the school year is over in 1.5 days. That’s right, Ms. Brodie will officially be out of the 1st Grade and heading off to the 2nd. She will be finishing this year on the A Honor Roll all year long! Go Brodie! I took some pictures of her before she got on the bus […]

What is with today?

I think it started yesterday evening. Brent is officially home now, but the first few days he has an off sleep schedule, so we go along with our business while he naps. He woke up around 6 or so and was starving. When he is hungry he can usually wait for me to cook something […]

The Girls New Do

This is Brodie’s new hair cut…out with the long in with the short!!!

Girls Day

So today was the day to take Ms. Brodie to the Doctor’s office. My MIL had to head that way to so we just all rode together. At the Doc’s Brodie got an all clear and everything is on the up and up. We only go back if she gets sick, otherwise we have a […]

Memories Of When The Kids Were Still Young

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there are days with my children I want to run straight out the door and scream “Help Me It’s Insane In There!”, but I manage to take a step back and remind myself that these days are truly the great ones. This is the time that […]